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FI-IMPACT developed a number of Impact Assessment tools over the project life to assist FI-PPP Phase 3 projects and enterpreneurs to assess their socio-economic impact.

Over 670 FIWARE sub-grantees completed the Impact Assessment survey to assess the impact of their project in relation to Innovation Focus, Market Focus, Feasibility, Market Needs and Social Impact. Upon completion of the survey respondents had access to an Impact Assessment Report, which included benchmarking against the average performance of other FIWARE respondents and Mattermark scores. Respondents can log into to their My Page on the FI-IMPACT website at any stage and retrieve their Impact Assessment Report. 

The FIWARE sub-grantee respondents also contributed data which was analysed in aggregrate form to assess the impact of the FI-PPP Phase 3 Programme. These results are available in 

Blisk is a browser designed specifically for web development. Unlike other browsers, Blisk was created to build the web.

This browser enables to build your website on desktop and mobile simultaneously. It has set of preinstalled phones and tablets with specific screen resolution, pixel ratio, user agent and touch event support. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and even scroll position. Page auto-refresh feature enables to refresh pages automatically every time you modify the code. Developer tools now are available for both mobile and desktop simultaneously.

Blisk is used in all phases of web development: prototyping, development, testing and bug fixing.
Today we are releasing OS X version and update Windows version with new features: changing device orientation, switching devices on/off in one click, auto-refresh delay, device zoom, Flash support.

Blisk is free to use.



FIWARE is considering to attend IoT Solutions World Congress as Silver Sponsor http://www.iotsworldcongress.com/

There are two great opportunities for disrupting IoT solutions:

1. - Call for test beds: http://www.iotsworldcongress.com/testbeds/call-for-testbeds/

Application form: https://intranet.pacifico-meetings.com/amsysweb/faces/fira/IOTS/TestbedForm.xhtml?idCfgForm=297 

Note: The Call for Testbeds welcomes all submissions, however at least 1 participant must as well be an exhibitor in the 2016 edition of IOT Solutions World Congress (FIWARE). Of course, a demonstrable use of FIWARE technology is a must. Deadline Friday 15th of July.

Solutions must be related to the following sectors: 


The solutions/products can have been developed by a single company/startups or a group of partners, or in collaboration with other organisms, cities, etc... (as those ones presented in the GCTC in Austin last June 2016)

2. - Call for IoT solutions awards http://www.iotsworldcongress.com/activities/call-iotswc-awards/ - Deadline 31st August. Solutions must be related to the same sectors.

FIWARE IoT Ready Program is designed to demonstrate the ability of the IoT solutions to seamless interoperate with FIWARE platform. The data base of products and developers that have successfully accomplished the FIWARE IoT Ready Program is the catalogue of the ecosystem of IoT hardware producers and technology providers that can be selected by the OASC Alliance cities to build their smart city solutions.

Then, this FIWARE ecosystem means a singular and straightforward business opportunity for IoT products: It is simple: FIWARE IoT stack handles well-known IoT protocol standards (MQTT, LWM2M/CoAP, etc) and exposes the same data REST API to developers.

To get more details about the FIWARE IoT Ready Program, please, visit: https://www.fiware.org/iot-ready-about/