About Us

"Information is power especially in the 21st century. However, the disordered mass of data is often just "wearing noise", which could be turned into useful information after selection and systematization only. Our strength is that we can provide our customers with systematized and relevant information after eliminating “superfluous noise.”

Gábor Berkovich, Managing Director of Seacon Europe

The Hungarian, privately owned Seacon Europe IT Development and Consulting Ltd. was established in 2005. The company is specialized in software development and consulting. Our main profile is planning and developing applications supporting business processes. We have extensive Oracle, Microsoft competencies and in-depth project management background. We have a special focus on security solutions for information and property, not only on desktop but on web and mobile device basis as well.

Thanks to our diverse professional experiences we have accomplished numerous successful projects. We are particularly proud of the results of projects, which were implemented in multi-lateral, international consortium or fulfilled high level security requirements.

The main pillars of our operation are the solid professional competence, partner network established over years, state-of-the-art IT background and market-leading software technologies. Our mission is to support effectively our clients in achieving their business goals. Besides the tailor-made special developments we offer also variable modular systems, which provide fast and efficient solutions to clients' typified business problems. This enables us to provide appropriate and affordable solutions not only to the big corporations but to SME as well, keeping of course high quality standards.

The outstanding quality is essential for Seacon Europe. Since 2008 we hold not only the widespread ISO 9001:2009 certification, but the ISO/IEC 27001:2014 „information security management” certification as well.

The high capital stock – which is rare in the SME sector – and implementation of several innovative projects reflect the owners’ commitment.
Since 2006 our company is an active member of the Innoskart IT Cluster, and leaning on the cluster Seacon Europe constantly improves its competences, economic and technological background. Expanding our professional resources we cooperate with more universities and technical colleges.

We believe in cooperation and long-term partnerships also with our clients. According to our partners’ feedback we perform well. Seacon Europe is honoured and awarded in professional circles as well. We are proud that Seacon Europe won the Best Hungarian Innovation Award 2012.