Questions and answers about FIWare

What happens after our FIWARE Accelerator has ended? Can we keep using FIWARE Lab?

Definitively yes!

The FIWARE Foundation, under creation, will take over the operation and maintenance of FIWARE Lab although not necessarily of all its nodes. Anyhow, the FIWARE Foundation will keep the same policy, i.e. FIWARE Lab usage free of charge for developers using the lab for experimental purposes.

Stay tuned, as in the following couple of weeks public announcements from the FIWARE Foundation will come!

How much longer will FIWARE Lab exist (and be accessible to us)?

Given the above, FIWARE Lab will be operational following the interests of its users and stakholders. Current plans say at least end of 2020.

Are there commercial FIWARE Lab nodes to which we can move our solution once we go commercial? Is there a roadmap/current status of commercial FIWARE infrastructure? If so, where can we find up-to-date information also regarding pricing, conditions, etc.?

At the moment the only public FIWARE Commercial instance is More FIWARE Commercial instances will come in the very next months. The various instances migth have not only different prices, but also different price policies. Please contact them for further information on the matter.

Please note that such instances are not FIWARE Lab nodes as such, although we are considering the creation of a FIWARE Commercial Instances network.

We plan to have shortly in a dedicated page listing all the recognised FIWARE Commercial Instances.

Is there any commercial node of the FIWARE Lab?

FIWARE Lab is an environment for experimentation purposes. By definition, the nodes of FIWARE Lab are non comercial in nature.

Comercial instances will be created but they will be separate environments, they should not be FIWARE Lab nodes.

There are currently commercial initiatives to launch FIWARE based cloud services by two different companies, in Utretch and Hamburg. Additionally, there is one company starting to sell IoTcloud services using the FIWARE platform. Details will be provided when the go to market takes place, in the short term. Additionally, several FIWARE companies are offering commercial services based on the technology (cities and industry).

Are all Fiware Enablers 100% free of charge?

FIWARE is open source software (OSS). There are different GEs and each one may have a different OSS license (See You should check the license on an individual basis. For instance, Orion Context Broker is licensed as AfferoGPL.

FIWARE is totally independent of Docker, although all GEs are distributed as Docker containers as well, for convenience. You can instantiate GEs without Docker, please check the 'Creating instances' section at the FIWARE Catalogue (

Is FIWARE only intended to Smart Cities?

No, it is one of the more direct application domain regarding the use of FIWARE technology, but it could be applied also to eHealth, Transport, Energy & Environment, Agriculture, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics and Social & Learning.

There are several Accelerators Program where you can take a look of the possible application of the FIWARE technology inside those application domain.

There are FIWARE components which make it really easy to build future internet applications in any domain. To this regard, It is recommended taking a look at the FIWARE Catalogue where these components are listed and detailed organised by domains and bundles. More infomation at:

What are the FIWARE technologies?

The FIWARE technologies have been designed and texted during Phases 1 and 2 of the FI-PPP (the accelerator programme is part of Phase 3). The FIWARE technologies are made of Generic Enablers (GEs) and of Specific Enablers (SEs).

Which information about Generic Enablers is available?

Find here the information about Generic Enablers.

Additional questions and answers find on the FIWARE Q&A platfrom.