IntelliFood+ concept summarizes the additional developing steps of IntelliFood project.

Developing the bakery solution

  • Extending the functionality
  • Evolving ERP connections (taking/handing over company master data and financial data)
  • Expanding the measurement ability (applying new types of sensors)
  • Monitoring the energy consumption
  • Suiting scales (integrating weight scales)
  • Fitting other devices (missing machine, kneading machine, fermenter, oven, etc.)
  • Integrating delivery procedures (loading data measured on vehicles during supply and delivery)

Concerning the functionality

  • recording recipes (systematization for raw material/commodity usage, technology, production time, other parameters)
  • recipe maintenance (managing logical and chemical relationships)
  • recording materials and prices
  • product calculations (economic/ROI/price calculations)
  • recording, evaluating and comparing of the product development procedures
  • building knowledgebase

Developing out of box product, framework

  • IntelliFood project -> IntelliFood+ product – solution licence, consultancy, customizing

Providing service

  • Cloud software and information service, periodic local sensor implementation, communictaion method – monthly fee

Performing customized projects for the industry

  • Industrial and environmental monitoring for SMT production lines on integrated way
  • Supporting biogas project with research institut (university) and industrial partner (biogas plant) together
  • Providing operation of injection molding machines

Planned industrial applications

Short terms:

  • forest and agriculture, light industry, electronic industry

Long terms:

  • manufacturer of machine tools, manufacturer of precision investment casting, automotive industry, mechanical engineering