Real-time source selective noise monitoring-mapping

The project called ReSoNo aims to provide an innovative smart city service and extended quality of life possibilities for cities based on intelligent source selective noise measurement and evaluation method which supports the convenience, lifestyle and healthy way of life. To realize the concept we implement the FIWARE technology that helps to extend our solution on EU level.
From a business perspective we offer an effective product in more countries for areas of constructions, transportations, entertainment facilities, manufacturing environments and for people who are working or living there. This way ReSoNo has impact on everyday life of governments, companies and related workers or citizens. The main pillar of the financial stability that the organizations and business units spend money always to the connected people.

As a consequence, the lack of a permanent, continuous supply of source selective noise information makes the refreshment of strategic noise maps – available in all large cities in the EU – difficult. Even if refreshment is delivered through automated monitoring systems, the result is uncertain especially in densely populated urban spaces. Cities are dynamic, quickly changing environment, which makes a strategic noise map – typically refreshed every 5 years – quickly outdated and useless.
ReSoNo is a concept for an automated audio event recognition system that aims to complement conventional automated noise monitoring systems with information about individual noise sources. Source information would enable the separation of the measured noise level into source selective components, which can be used for monitoring specific sources in noisy urban spaces and refreshing strategic noise maps in real-time.

ReSoNo provides benefits for all stake-holders of noise control industry. It saves time for noise experts, cost for their industrial and governmental client, introduce a new way of presenting noise issues that can be built into the next generation of measurement devices and noise modelling software and that can increase the environmental awareness. The counter-measures can get more appropriate, which means less cost or economical disadvantage for the noise source operators.