Onboard developer tool for drivers

The EcoGo project is a combination of fleet management and intelligent analysing in order to driver behavior, improving driving skills/training methods which will be an uniform developing tool to improve driving skills of commercial truck and bus drivers. European drivers will receive EuroPass certificate, automated, cross-country evaluation/statistic in electronic format.

EcoGo isn’t a classroom trainer – works continously during the driver is working in the cab. Collects data about driveline usage (from electric network of the vehicle), speed and location of vehicle movement (GPS), distinguishes defensive or agressive driving style (G-sensors). Delivers real-time feedback for the driver, alerts in case of dangerous maneuvers.

EcoGo is scalable and adjustable for different development tasks, from teaching beginner drivers to improve highly skilled, professional drivers. Europe faces big challenges nowadays: More than 1.000.000 truck and bus driver is missing from our roads. Essential to accelerate recruitment and development of newcomer drivers to secure transportation capacity for growing EU economy.

The objective is to apply devices in the vehicle that provides objective measurement values about the driver’s behavior and the results will be sent

  • through the comm. channel into the central data management system for analyzing
  • directly to the driver as fast feedback for correcting its actual driving style

The information system provides the optimal usage of vehicles (monitors the human activity, gives feedback) and the EU standard incab training method for Europass certification.


What dou you think, is it possible:

  • Improving driving skill is reducing fuel consumption with 5-15%, reducing vehicle repair and maintenance costs with 20-40%, reducing unexpected breakdowns and accident damages, saves human life.
  • Considering only 5% of fuel consumption reduction, the investment of EcoGo implementation returns in 4 months.