The intelligent vehicle service

Management of a company’s fleet is a complex activity requiring a number of tasks beyond tracking. The administrative tasks related to a well working fleet management are significant charge on companies. Complex, multi-lateral business processes are necessary to overview the actual status in the fleet. System approach, clear rules and up-to-date information are essential for the optimal operation. Its financial impact including the acquisition, maintenance and operational costs are considerable.

More and more organizations intend to take the reins of their fleets’ management, but it is difficult to find a customized solution on the market, which is compatible with the company’s existing IT systems.

As specialist of data processing and management systems, Seacon Europe can provide the perfect solution to this problem.

Magyar Telekom, as one of our satisfied customers, manages its huge fleet with thousands of vehicles with the help of our application.

The FleetAlarm service

Although fleet management is “only” a chain of administrative processes, these processes affect various business areas with many collaborators, implicate deadlines and they are often influenced by regulations.

The FleetAlarm system implements and manages the concerned complex business processes:

  • with workflow approach
  • in an easy to use way
  • incorporating state-of-the-art document management solutions
  • handling deadline monitoring
  • with in-built alarm and messaging functions (e.g. SMS, e-mail)
  • in a widely automated way
  • with predefined and ad-hoc reporting function

The FleetAlarm is designed with an in-built bidirectional data connection, since the fleet management system is integrated into the internal organization and business processes as well and external partners might participate in the operational activities too.

We recommend for companies

  • with large number of vehicles
  • managed within the organization
  • by limited dedicated human resource.