IntelliFleet – Intelligent Fleet Controlling

Definition: Intelligent and modular fleet controlling based on objective measurements executed in vehicles and complex fact data analysis.


Overall objective is the provision of an integrated fleet management/controlling system that combines “standard” fleet management functionalities with innovative utilisation of the diverse information available in today’s vehicles mainly in terms of costs.

We set the target for ourselves to become an internationally significant competitor in the market of small scale car fleet management systems.


Features of the proposed solution are related to

  • the operation and business processes,
  • recording of status and status changing,
  • sending notifications.

More emphasis will be placed on the management of the records related to the vehicle and vehicle management, the monitoring of the account processes.

Key to success on this market is turning data into practical information enabling to trigger reaction.

Technical features and devices:

  • Status data from the vehicles and behaviour data from the drivers
  • Communication technology
  • Information system supported by artificial intelligence
  • Concise and practical feedback

Business Problem

Plenty of information is generated during the operation of modern vehicles, but it is almost impossible to collect and analyse them with conventional methods due to the amount of the data and their size. The operation of vehicle fleets is sub-optimal due to the lack of relevant information, therefore

  • there is an unnecessary load on the environment
  • costs are not optimised
  • safety issues due to unexpected events are not handled adequately

Most current solutions choose to collect only the most important information and discard the rest that are not considered important at that very moment. Because of not being able to cope with the large amount of data, the currently used systems are not combined, they focus on specific areas.

The drawback of current systems:

  • cannot differentiate relevant data from non-relevant
  • cannot cope with the “human factor”, cannot make analysis based on behaviour
  • owners cannot influence the way the vehicles are operated, because of lack of relevant data
  • do not provide “live” information about the technical condition of the vehicles
  • cannot indicate necessary urgent repair/service needs.

After an in-depth study of the state-of-the-art and extensive market research, we have not found anyone who has developed a solution like the one we propose. All the technologies which will be integrated are easily accessible for us.

In conclusion our ambition is to develop highly scalable and modular system that provides the functions in an integrated way:

  • fleet management (solution for heterogeneous fleet),
  • vehicle tracking (continuous monitoring),
  • centrally planned/controlled operation (automatized data collection and analysis), and
  • safety and technical monitoring (complex analysis and forecast based on AI).

Envisaged Solution and Benefits

In our solution we integrate our current fleet management system, with new features based on the results of our recent R&D activities:

  • data collection from CAN Bus
  • improved communication protocol
  • enhanced data processing module using artificial intelligence (AI)

The proposed concept is based on online data collection from the vehicles’ CAN bus and intuitive data analysis. It is a combination of vehicle tracking and safety systems, vehicle data collection, and fleet management, with an intuitive proven artificial intelligence module. The essence of the realisation is the development of fleet controlling which is defined briefly on the following way:

Fleet Controlling

Complex and combined evaluation of the measured vehicle specifications, driving behavioural factors and physiological characteristics in order to enhance cost-effectiveness of driving considering the vehicle itself and its impact on the surrounding environment.